About Us

Empowerment is a core value embedded in our culture and we are deeply committed to the transformation of our company, our professions and the country. Simha Technologies is a level 1 BBBEE empowered South African ICT service provider. The young & vibrant team provides the desired skills and knowledge in the ICT domain. The extensive experience obtained by the members while working for multinational telecommunications giants, local telecommunications corporates & State entities provides the foundation and guidance for the company’s expertise. The tenets of our company are founded on the following philosophy:

  • Interesting work and reaching complex goals is our pleasure.
  • We make complicated things simple & modern technologies habitual & widely available.
  • Communications is not only equipment & technologies, but also people, words & ideas.

Interesting work and reaching complex goals is our pleasure.

Designing & implementing ICT solutions is what we love doing, & we pour that energy & excitement into every project we undertake. Simha Technologies was founded by highly experienced individuals, drawn together by a mutual desire to produce solutions that help organisations transform their work efficiencyOur company is made up of ambitious people who are absorbed in their work. The aspiration for development, knowledge and prospective informational technologies allows us to create new possibilities for our clients’ business development and to reach any goals, even those that will appear in the future.

We make complicated things simple and modern technologies habitual and widely available

We make modern ICT services as understandable and simple as possible, and we relieve our clients of the necessity to worry about the technical details of services, saving their time and sparing their strength. Our professionalism and the technical potential of the company allows choosing an optimal and clear option for including a business into a common informational space.